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Q: Can I still use the digital library after 12 months

You will need to buy another 12 month subscription to continue using the website but you can still use any files you have downloaded.

Q: How do we get access to the library

When you buy a 12 month subscription you will need to log-in with your username and password and then search for the outline you need, once selected you will see the download tab 

Q: Is the digital subscription available across multiple pcs and/or multiple users

You can use multiple PCs and/or multiple users no problem however there is a fairplay download limit of 30 files a day

Q: Are there any complications if we are based in Ireland

No problem, you can access the library from anywhere

Q: Are the templates to scale and what scale are they

The templates are to scale 1:1 full size apart from the AI files that are to scale of 1:20 the reason for this is some versions of Illustrator have a page size limit. 2000% will take them back to full size

Q: How often do you update the library

we are drawing new vehicles every day but we update the library every month. If there is something you need that you cannot find on the website send us an email and we will check if it’s one we are working on or is on the list of templates to be done.

How To Use Blurb..

  • nsld - near side loading door
  • dsld - double side loading doors
  • rw - glazed rear windows/tailgate
  • SWG - swing rear doors
  • TG - tailgate
  • swb - short wheelbase
  • mwb - medium wheelbase
  • lwb - long wheelbase
  • xlwb - extra long wheelbase
  • med rf - medium roof
  • hi rf - high roof
  • sup hi rf - super high roof